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Versione completa: Dispositivi MIPSLE
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Firmware per versioni: RB1xx series, RB5xx series, RouterBoard Crossroads

Versione 4.17

Versione 5.26

Versione 6.4

Versione 6.5

Versione 6.6

Versione 6.7

Versione 6.9

Versione 6.13

Versione 6.16
RB111, RB112, RB133C, RB150 devices are not supported in v6, please use v5.
Before upgrading RouterBOARD 1xx or 5xx series devices (MIPS-LE) to version >=5.17, please upgrade your RouterBOOT firmware by uploading one of the following files to your corresponding device, and issuing command "/system routerboard upgrade" RB1XX RB5XX